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Can I fly my own hot air balloon near Swanage?

No as all the pilots are fully qualified and high experienced in piloting hot air balloons.

You are more then welcome to ask them about the operation of the hot air balloon though.

Is hot air ballooning near Swanage safe?

Hot air ballooning is a very safe activity which is enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The team have the best safety equipment alongside a modern fleet of hot air balloons for a reliable hot air balloon ride near Swanage.

Are balloon flights in Swanage?

The team will get you in touch with the nearest launch site covering your location in Dorset.

Due to the safety regulations and weather having a big impact on balloon flights, the professionals will only find approved launch sites - their is over 100 throughout the UK.

When are balloon flights near Dorset available?

The main season for balloon flights Dorset is between March - October.

Balloon flights are typically avaliable mornings and evenings for weekends and evenings for weekdays but this is subject to the balloon operator.

Hot Air Ballooning Swanage |

If you are looking for a balloon flight experience near Swanage in Dorset we aim to help.

With over 120 launch sites all across the country for hot air balloon rides you are bound to find a suitable location accessible from Swanage. Ballooning is a exciting experience as the wind currents take your hot air balloon across stunning UK scenery.

All balloon rides near Swanage are run by expert aviators with years worth of experience in operating various types of hot air balloons.

So if you are looking for a balloon flight near Swanage, simply fill in the hot air balloon ride form and the ballooning team will contact you back shortly.

Balloon Flights Swanage

Balloon Trips Dorset

Balloon rides for customers in Swanage at hundreds of launch sites all across the UK.

The balloon rides near Swanage are memorable events as you soar thousands of meters above the ground to get a breathtaking view of the stunning scenery.

The highly trained aviators covering the Dorset area for balloon rides use the highest quality hot air balloons.

We offer various hot air balloon packages for:

• Couples
• Friends
• Family
• Individuals
• Corporate clients (including branding services)

Flexible flight schedules for various balloon rides near Swanage in Dorset.

Each balloon flight near Swanage is different every time as it determined by the wind so you will be sure to have a unique experience.

The friendly team are happy to answer any queries or concerns that you might have regarding balloon flights near Dorset.

For frequently asked questions regarding hot air ballooning near Swanage ask the professionals for further assistance.

To book your balloon ride, simply fill in the website form today, The hot air ballooning team will contact you back shortly to discuss a suitable launch site near Swanage for hot air balloon rides.

Recent Enquires

its my mums 65th birthday this august and I know that she has always wanted to go in a hot air balloon this is an enquiry for further details and prices please. it would be for two maybe three thank you


hiim a teacher working is saturday polish school I kidderminster.probably most people in kidderminster dont know that we exist.our students are polish kids from polish or polish english families.we are trying of teaching but unfortunely we are stugling with financial problems.i turn to you for there a possibility that our childrens balloon flew for freealthough a few minutes ...pleasethis will be an unforgettable experience for polish children.we start school in september.i will be readly greatefuul for any kind of support.thank youkatarzyna kreczman


2 people, sunset please, not mornings, august 13 - x any day. we`ll arrive in cornwall on the 12th, depart on the 17th. this is to celebrate my husband`s 65th birthday! :)


hello I am contacting you from a childrens nursery in stevenage. I am trying desperately to arrange a hot air balloon to visit the nursery during march for about an hour. so far I just keep being told no we have a large garden and would love someone to be able to bring a balloon to the nursery and inflate it for the children to see. we dont want it to take off. I am more than happy to work around any dates you currently have in stevenage area. I would also be more than happy to give out leaflets to parents and advertise your services. I do appreciate that you have flights etc but I would be so very grateful if this is something you could help with.




do you have any availability for weds 7th march


my husband and I will be staying in st albans to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on friday 17th august. a balloon flight would be an amazing memory to treasure, but I know its abit last minute! is there any possibility of a daytime flight? (we have 3 kids we need to pass on to grandparents for the day so couldnt be too early a start, and would need to be back to relieve them early eve!)let me know by email (to maintain surprise for hubby) asap it is a possibility or not. thanks, josie


rides from boroughbridge north yorkshire area... for 1 person


im looking to book a hot air balloon ride in august when I visit scotland with my partner. please could you send me a possible quote. thanks


2people october


hi im looking to book a flight for a surprise 50th birthday.


anytime in july or august. group size 2 people