Hot Air Balloon Rides
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Can anyone participate in a hot air balloon ride?

Hot air balloon rides are generally not a strenuous activity but their are restrictions regarding age, height, weight and health conditions.

Please contact us via the hot air balloon rides form for further information.

Do I need insurance for hot air balloon rides?

The hot air balloon operators are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Can the suppliers offer hot air ballooning for corporate clients?

The team have experience in working with national and local companies looking to use a hot air balloon for corporate entertainment or advertising.

Please enquire today with the online form for further information on corporate branding and promotion with hot air balloon rides.

Can I get a hot air balloon ride?

Hot air balloon rides might not be for safety and weather reasons.

However with 100's of launch sites throughout the United Kingdom, hot air balloon rides are very accessible towards customers.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The fully trained aviators offer hot air balloon rides for customers at various launch sites all across the country. Most of the aviators have been running passenger balloon rides for over 10 years.

The highly skilled aviators offer hot air balloon rides using a modern fleet of hot air balloons alongside high quality safety equipment.

Hot air balloon rides are very popular birthday presents with one member reporting that 50% of flights were for a customers 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday present.

The hot air balloon rides for customers cater for all groups and sizes such as families, couples and corporate events. The hot air balloons cater for 2-16 passengers so we are bound to have something to suit your requirements.

Each balloon ride is a unique experience for customers as it's all dependent upon the wind.

To enquire about suitable launch sites for hot air balloon rides, simply complete the hot air balloon ride form.

The hot air ballooning operators will contact you back shortly to arrange booking of hot air balloon rides at suitable launch sites.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Memorable and serene hot air balloon rides for customers.

With over 120 launch sites all across the country for hot air balloon rides, you can be assured of a breathtaking and highly enjoyable hot air ballooning experience.

The following are included as standard for hot air balloon rides:

All hot air balloon rides offered by our partners include the following:

• 12 month full colour gift voucher
• Flight in a hot air balloon
• Passenger insurance
• Traditional champagne toast
• Presentation of flight certificate
• Return transport to the take off site

Once you book your hot air balloon ride, you can expect the following type of hot air ballooning schedule.

Launch sites accessible

The professional ballooning pilots alongside their fully trained crew will inflate the hot air balloon at a launch site. During this time you are more than welcome to:

• Participate in preparing the hot air balloon
• Ask the hot air balloon pilot any questions regarding hot air balloon ride in the area
• Be reassured by the pilots that hot air ballooning is the safest and most exciting experience

All the hot air balloon pilots will give you a safety brief before take off.

Hot air balloon launch

The experienced hot air ballooning pilots will light the burner allowing hot air to circulate around the envelope of the hot air balloon, this allows it to gently rise into the skies.

Its an unique and relaxing experience when the basket of your hot air balloon ride lifts off the ground.

Hot air balloon rides accessible

The hot air balloon is finally soaring above the skies of area.

During the hot air balloon ride you could pass by towns, villages and countryside whilst experiencing stunning panoramic views and if you're lucky you might even spot some wildlife at certain hot air balloon ride times.

This is the perfect moment to bring out a camera and record some great moments for friends and family back regarding your ballooning experience.

Hot air balloon landing

Once your hot air ride ends, its time for the most thrilling part - the landing! The experienced pilots will safely guide you back to earth and once you land you can participate in the packing away before being transported back to the launch site.

You can reflect back on your hot air balloon rides on the ride back home and we hope you will come back again.

Useful information

For addition information regarding hot air balloon rides please contact the experts.

Hot air balloon booking

To book your hot air balloon rides simply fill in the hot air balloon rides form and the hot air ballooning team will contact you back shortly. In most cases their are operators servicing the area for hot air balloon rides.

Recent Enquires

hii was just wondering how much a balloon ride for 2 would be, where it takes off from and if you have any availability on 23rd april?thanksmelissa


we are looking into the possibility of doing a hot air balloon ride on the 6th of july. we are two people, one of us are pregnant (in week 26), but in good health so no problems. would this be possible, if so when and what is the cost?


2 people x


looking for a birthday gift balloon flight with champagne toast for 2


2 people and what are the odds of it happening on thursday 15th august?! it`s our 10 year wedding anniversary look forward to hearing from you thanks


hello im renting out a cottage in faversham for my birthday and was wondering how much a hot air balloon ride for two including photographs would be also the cottage has a very big field would we be able to launch from there or do we have to ho to a certain place in faversham


10th april x for 2


proposal suprise for my girlfriend


i prefer on 6th april as it is a birthday gift for my son who will be 16 on 6th


hi, I am looking to purchase two tickets for my partners birthday at the end of january. we live in hawkhurst and I am hoping there is a launch nearby. please advise if tickets are available, terms and conditions and the current covid restrictions. I appreciate flights may need to be later in the year. many thanks mandy


i am interested in the price of a hot air balloon trip for 1 2 or 5 depending on the prices


1 person x